Jill’s guide to healing autoimmune diseases explains in clear, simple but thorough detail how such diseases occur, how to live with them and, then, what to do to allow a person to heal so he can live without them. Everything she writes, all the suggestions she makes, any studies she quotes, has been well researched. This book based on Jill’s own experiences, a life which could have left her depressed and miserable, instead, she has chosen to learn from her own life and to pass on the knowledge that has been granted to her to benefit others.

– L. Lando

Thank you so much for this truly AMAZING book!

I do not say this lightly. What is most incredible is how Jill seamlessly weaves the physical with the spiritual, wisely pointing to the mind-body connection and the importance of the soul in healing. Along the way I have read many books. None comes close to this. Jill’s honesty, wisdom, the wonderful way the book is organized and the practical advice she gives (so spot-on!) make it the best book I have ever seen on the subject.

– D. Smith

An inspirational well written book that I read in an evening! Very touched by the author sharing her personal story and challenges and motivated by her successful recommendations for self-healing of autoimmune diseases as well as other health and emotional issues. Jill Friedbauer offers concise and pragmatic dietary advice but also gives techniques for healing of mind, body and soul.

– K. Branl

This book was such an inspirational read. It has a great mix of relatable and emotional background with fantastic tips and applications. Many of the health tips made me look at the way I eat differently.
I loved the last page in each chapter with the “to dos” and encouragement. I marked pages to go back and reread and have been doing Jill’s water challenge with great results. Definitely a keeper!.

– C. Goldblatt

Jill showed me that cooking clean doesn’t have to be hard and that healthy can be fast, easy and delicious. With patience and guidance, Jill showed me how to choose the right foods for me. I look at food now as a way to nourish my body and I feel so much better!

– D. Homa