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A piece of my book:

We live in a world where ever increasingly there is a pill for every symptom, but the underlying cause of the disease is not being addressed.   With more and more research beginning to uncover the mystery behind autoimmune diseases, successful holistic approaches to treat the underlying causes including diet and lifestyle changes can no longer be ignored. It’s time to become a detective, listen to your body and begin on the journey to heal your soul and heal your gut!

  • Learn the latest science behind autoimmune diseases
  • Start to explore effective dietary changes that can manage symptoms of your autoimmune disease.
  • Incorporate spiritual practices to begin healing through meditation, breathing. techniques and prayer infused with ancient Jewish wisdom.
  • Explore some new recipes as you begin on your path to wellness. 

“This poignant book, part memoir part self-help, is inspiring, funny and very informative.  The combination of Jill’s candid vulnerability with her beautiful storytelling offers inspiration to not just people with autoimmune disease, but to all of us who yearn for more meaning in life through the way we eat, the way we interact with others, and in general, in the way we live.”

– Nancy Siegel, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, Education Consultant specialziing in Mindfulness Education and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, and Founder of Lead, Women. 

“Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Gut” is a candid, inspiring, beautifully written depiction of the author’s journey from physical illness and extraordinary life challenges to full and sustainable physical and emotional well being.  The book makes it easy for anyone to truly understand the inescapable influences of thoughts and perceptions, how we feed ourselves, environmental exposures, genetic vulnerabilities, body movement and the need for community. The concrete resources, recipes and practices provided are easy to follow, relatable, and invaluable in one’s quest to live the fullest and healthiest life.”

-Jennie J. Kramer, MSW, LCSW-R, Psychotherapist and Executive Director of Metro Behavioral Health Associates Eating Disorder Centers