Health Coaching Programs

Transform your gut health!

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Poor gut health can lead to autoimmune diseases, obesity, depression and many more ailments. What would it feel like to have a health coach guide you toward a healthy lifestyle? If not now when?

One on One Coaching:

Meet with Jill in person or over the phone where she will provide you with a compassionate and caring environment to help you meet your personal health goals. Home visits available!

Shared Mentorship Coaching Program:

A unique health coaching program where you and your friend share the cost of the program. Jill will coach you and your friend individually and you will receive mentorship training. Mentorship training will teach you how to provide support to each other for the duration and at the conclusion of your health coaching program.

Family Coaching:

Transform the gut health of your entire family with Jill’s family coaching program. Parents meet one on one with Jill to create family goals followed by sessions with the entire family. Pantry makeover and supermarket tour included in this package.


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Physical Therapy/Fitness

  1. Physical Therapy Body Mechanics Evaluation: Evaluation of posture, core strength and muscle imbalances and an individualized program to address these issues.
  2. Physical Therapy evaluations and treatments for decreased functional mobility due to Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS, TBI and all varieties of gait and balance disorders.
  3.  Vestibular Rehabilitation for vertigo/BPPV and a variety of vestibular and related balance disorders.
  4. Massage and Myofascial release treatments.
  5. Tai Chi: In addition to Physical Therapy, Jill Friedbauer is trained in Tai Chi for health through the Dr. Paul Lam Institute.

Additional Services

  • Supermarket Tour
  • Pantry makeover

Jill’s Monthly Challenges

  • 1. 20-30-20 Water Challenge
  • 2. Vegetable Challenge
  • 3. Dairy-Free Challenge
  • 4. Sleep Hygiene Challenge
  • 5. Exercise Challenge
  • 6. 24 Sugar Challenge
  • 7. Meditation Challenge
  • 8. Gluten-Free Challenge
  • 9. Write Me Challenge
  • 10. Gratitude Challenge


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